Change for a Ten

I'm out on the balcony of my third-floor apartment with my partner, John. I'm telling him about my plans for a spring garden. "I wanna do tomatoes, but they didn't work good last year, so I'll have to try a different variety. And corn, I wanna do corn again." John nods along politely. It's a... Continue Reading →

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High Noon at the ARCH

It's a beautiful, seventy-five-degree day, and the whole city block smells of piss. I'm outside the ARCH shelter in Austin, on 7th and Nueces, sitting against a wall. A stereo nearby blares "Don't Take It Personal" by Monica as a hint of marijuana smoke floats by on the February breeze. My shift starts in 30... Continue Reading →

The Halfway House

Samuel was a security guard at a halfway house for recently released inmates in North Austin. His co-worker checked one of the clients out of the house one day so this man could go to the library and apply for jobs on the public computers. The guard filled everything out and sent the man on his... Continue Reading →

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