Marching Towards Progress


‘Her body, her choice! My body, my choice!’ ‘No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!’ ‘Hear our voice! Hear our voice!’

It’s Saturday, January 21st, 2017. 50,000 humans chant together as we move down the street toward the Capitol in the hot January sun. 50,000 of us have gathered here- adult men, teenagers, college students, grandparents, women young and old- to show our support for an America that promises equal rights to all of its citizens. We want to show our senators and representatives that we will not abide an attack on our rights, to show them that we, their constituents, are dissatisfied with the political climate that they have created. We want women to be treated as human beings with the same rights as men, we want the LGBTQ community to be treated with respect, and we want Hispanics, Muslims, blacks, and Asians to be given the same privileges as whites.

The folks that have gathered today span all ages, sizes, sexual identities, and cultures. I see people from all walks of life out here, chanting together, united in a common goal. I know that I and my fellow marchers share a disgust for those in our government who seek to make discrimination normal, who intend to keep the white majority as the status quo, and who refuse to believe in the fundamental right of all Americans to be treated as equals to each other. We share a rage for those lawmakers who want to deprive families of the right to choose when they want to have children, for those who want to force us to give funerals to miscarried babies, and for those who want to charge abortion providers with criminal homicide. We share vision of an America in which citizens are trusted with their own bodies, their own sexuality, and their own gender identities.

We demand to be seen.

We demand to be heard.

We are not going away.







Katie Gohmann




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